My designs live at the intersection of innovative making and sustainable fashion. I'm based in Oakland, California among a thriving community of passionate makers. This exchange of creative energy imbues my work with constant inspiration.

In 2019, the Grace pullover design was published in Laine Magazine. The pattern will be available on this site as a single download later this year.

I worked as a fashion executive in NYC for 15 years. I saw first-hand the impact that the industry has on our budget, our self image, and the planet. Clothing is expensive, but disposable. Clothing is designed for limited demographics and body types. And sadly, the industry often avoids ethical or sustainable production practices. However, making your own clothing is an empowering practice. You can make affordable, durable garments. You can control design features, fiber selection, and garment fit. And most importantly, by sourcing your materials, you can ensure that your clothing is sustainable and eco-friendly. With that in mind, I hope my patterns enable you to create garments that make you feel confident and comfortable.

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